Hey mama,

I'm Shae, a registered midwife with 7+ years of nursing experience, mum of a gorgeous boy Max Bobby and certified practitioner with Hypnobirthing Australia™.

I am a huge believer in a healthy and positive mindset to enable women to face birth with knowledge and empowerment. 

Having seen firsthand the amount of birth trauma women carry following birth and the amount of fear they have leading into birth I knew I wanted to help change that story.


My mission is to support individual women and their support team with up-to-date evidence-based information that has be proven to work through their journey and provide them with the knowledge and tools to give them empowerment and confidence and to make them feel supported as they prepare for their positive birth.

The aim for Modern Birthing Co. is to remove the stigma that sometimes comes with the word ‘hypnobirthing’, as the tools and techniques that I teach are not only for the women that are looking to have drug-free waterbirths, but they are also for the women who are looking to create a positive birth experience regardless of the outcome. 

Common FAQ's

Will I be in a state of hypnosis during my birth?

No. Like I said before, hypnobirthing is a generic term used for self-hypnosis in childbirth. This does not mean you will be hypnotised to sleep during the birth of your baby but will feel a deep state of relaxation all whilst being in a heightened sense of awareness and maintaining control so meaning you can come out of self-hypnosis at any time you wish.

Hypnobirthing tools and techniques are similar to deep focus and meditation, but you are always in control.

Can Hypnobirthing work for c-sections?

Absolutely. Hypnobirthing is not about having a drug-free vaginal birth as many people still believe.

Hypnobirthing allows you to create a calm, positive birthing experience regardless of the outcome.

Having a positive mindset and being well informed of tools, techniques and scenarios is what makes up a hypnobirthing course.

What does the course cover?

The program covers a range of modern evidenced-based techniques and tools such as:

• Relaxation techniques

• Breathing

• Visualisations

• Acupressure

• Movements

• Touch techniques

And much more knowledge to prepare the mindset and prepare women and their support partners in the lead up to birth feeling positive and not fearing birth.

The program teaches you the physiology of our amazing bodies during birth and guides you to understand and trust that we are made to birth our babies. 

When is the best time to complete a course?

The most ideal time to attend a class is between 20-33 weeks of your pregnancy. This way you have time to practice the techniques we teach you. However, any time prior to your birth is acceptable and we can make it work that you are given the most appropriate class to help you achieve a positive birth experience. If you are later in your pregnancy and wanting to do the course, please contact me so we can get the course done prior.