What is a Birth Sling?

The Birth Sling is a new take on an ancient birth tool designed to assist mamas to birth naturally. The Birth Sling is a game changer for active birth positioning.

“It was something I initially created to use for our own birth in May 2021. I then realised the huge potential and benefit of having a product like this available to labouring women and decided to just go for it and find a manufacturer! In just a few months since The Birth Sling’s first official launch in February 2022 it has been purchased by pregnant mothers and birth workers in more than seven countries around the world. It amazes me to think that The Birth Sling has reached and impacted women and families across the globe and that it has helped those pursuing active and natural birth options. Women have used tools such as ropes, hammocks, and slings to assist them in labour for centuries, this really is just a new and convenient take on these ancient and intuitive methods used by our ancestors. Upright and active labour can have massive benefits for Mother and baby. Emerging research is showing that it is associated with reduced rate of intervention such as C-section”. - Jess Michaels


$60 for 5 week hire

What’s included:

• 1 x sling

• 2 x arm slings

• 1 x door anchor

• 1 x beam/branch anchor

• 1 x carry bag & 1x wet bag

• Pre-paid Australia Post satchel for returning device if required 

Common FAQ's

What is the load bearing capacity?


How do I had The Birth Sling?

The Birth Sling comes with two hanging options.

1. The door anchor – which can be used with most standard doors.

2. The beam or Branch anchor – This allows you to hang The Birth Sling over any exposed beam, through a ceiling mount (sold separately) or over a sturdy tree branch for those that would like to labour outside. 

What is The Birth Sling made of?

Nylon Tricot fabric

Washing recommendations

• The Birth Sling is recommended to be washed in low-temperature machine or hand wash using modern laundry detergents (i.e. Ecolab Flexylite & Advacare or equivalent) that are able to produce hygienically clean laundry without the presence of chlorine bleach. Using a laundry bag is also recommended to ensure the hardware doesn’t become tangled and/or damaged.

• The Birth Sling should be air dried. 

• Birth slings that are grossly contaminated with blood or bodily fluids should be discarded and considered biohazard waste regardless of persons infectious status.

Grossly contaminated: saturated, dripping, caked with blood or bodily fluid, has the potential to release blood or other potentially infectious materials if compressed, or can flake off during handling. 

Enquire about hiring

If you'd like to hire our Birth Sling, please send me an email with the following details and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you require it urgently please state that in the email.

Email requirements:

• Name

• Location

• Date of pick up

• Estimated date of return from 5 weeks of pick up

• Estimated due date


$60 for 5 week hire

  • Customer Safety

    This product has been lovingly created to support women to have physiologic birth in which ever setting they chose to birth in. Please note that using "The Birth Sling" as a birthing aid is done so at the risk of the user. We take no responsibility for birthing outcomes or injury that may occur. We advise that The Birth Sling should not be used as a swing and that the persons full weight should not leave the ground.

  • Contraindictions

    • Ruptured membranes without engagement of fetal head

    • Unstable blood pressure, balance and/or mentation 

    • Any condition requiring bedrest

  • Recommendations

    It is recommended that anyone using The Birth Sling must:

    • Have a steady gait 

    • Able to call for assistance if needed 

    • Be able to support themselves without assistance